April 9, 2012

Day 9: Interrupted by Encouragement

I'm writing daily this month on being interrupted by grace.  Learn more and join in here.

A little over a week has passed since beginning the Interrupted by Grace series, a series I almost decided not to do because I wasn't sure how it would turn out, if anyone else would be interested in joining in (I wanted to learn how to do a Linky Party), or if I had time to keep up with it.  I'm deeply insecure about putting myself out there in any way.  Please don't tell anyone ....

But, in keeping with my usual way of doing things - if I have an idea and it seems like something I would not come up with on my own, I'm probably "supposed to" do it - once I had the idea (lying in bed in the early morning darkness) I knew I needed to go for it.  I thank my friend Carol for praying for me to get it going and be brave; once I told her about it I had to go for it!

If I were a superstar blogger, (one of those people by whom I'm simultaneously awed and intimidated and, let's be honest, kinda jealous), many would have linked up and we'd have a serious Linky Party going this month!  But that's not why God placed this little idea in my head and heart.  My ministry of words is to whomever might read at a given moment, and my deepest desire is that they'd leave my little space on the web encouraged to press on with great hope because of who God is ... not who I am.  Oh to be able to always have this perspective!

It's funny how a girl can take the plunge to be faithful, confident God is pushing in a specific direction, and still feel at war with her own insecurities and pride, trying to convince herself that what she's doing is the right thing.  Today's grace from my gentle Lord, even though He doesn't owe it to me, has been encouragement.  Over the last few days, He has assured me that I should be doing this series through a few comments on the blog, emails from friends, Facebook messages, and real live conversations.  God has used you, dear readers, to strengthen my faith.  Thank you.  Maybe as a result, next time I follow the Spirit's lead I won't care so much or doubt so much.  Maybe.

Even if I do, though, I have a feeling that God will interrupt me with encouragement.  It seems to be His way: loving, patient, kind, gentle, good.  He knows our weakness, and as a parent with a young child, He knows when we need to hear words of affirmation to keep on keeping on.

*     *     *

I'm not sure if the Spirit's been nudging at you about something.  Let me encourage you to take the plunge and see what God does.  I'm confident He'll meet you with encouragement in the process as well!  Also, if there's someone around you with whom you could share a word of affirmation today, do speak life-giving words to them.  It's beautiful to be a vessel of God's love spilling over to fill another heart.

Have a good evening, friends!


  1. I read your blog every time I see it posted on your Facebook page. It's always an encouragement to me! I'm amazed you find the time to be so thoughtful AND actually blog about it. :) Please keep your insights coming!

    1. Thanks Andrea! It could be argued that some other things are ignored in favor of blogging ... just don't run your finger along too many surfaces or open any closet doors in my house when you visit. :) I'm glad to know you. Seeing you always brightens my day!

  2. You ARE a superstar blogger! I check your blog at LEAST once a day. :) I just have no linky thing to um, do a linky thing with. But I am linking my heart and mind although I have no blog. Keep writing! These are your best posts ever so maybe you don't need all those extra brain cells anyway (the ones that are suppressed when you have a newborn). :)


    1. Thanks, Lydia. :) So glad to hear you're linking in the way that matters (head and heart), which is what I was praying would be the case for readers as I embarked on this series. I really appreciate your encouragement here. Wish we could just hang out over some coffee, but for now we'll have to settle for cyber-communication.