April 1, 2012

30 Days Interrupted by Grace

Last week I posted about starting this series and trying out my first "Linky Party."  Below you can link your blog up to mine and then others can click on your thumbnail to read your stories about how God is interrupting you with grace during the month of April.  If you don't blog, in addition to sharing a comment now or then throughout the month, you could share your stories on Facebook followed by #interruptedbygrace.  You can let people know why you're doing this, by including a link to this post in one of your status updates.  Let's join together to testify to God's work in our lives so that others might be encouraged to seek Him too!

My friend, Sarah, inquired about what exactly I mean by interrupted by grace.  Good question!  The general idea is this: the Holy Spirit dwells within us and can speak into our hearts throughout our days, but often we are far too busy or distracted to remember this reality, let alone listen for His voice.  Shortly after Katherine was born, I noticed that sometimes I'd have surprising moments of peace or joy where I felt prompted to just stop for a moment to reflect on the delightful fullness of life, the depth of Christ's forgiveness of my sin, or some other blessed thought.  I called this being interrupted by grace - Spirit-breaths of fresh air in the staleness of life lived on autopilot.

I believe these grace interruptions can take many forms, so I don't want to stifle the Spirit's creativity for reaching you.  But here are some ways the Lord might interrupt you with grace, either in the midst of complete chaos/fear/pain, a fantastically perfect day, or somewhere in between:

  • something a friend, family member, or co-worker says or does that leads you to reflect on God's love
  • an edifying song that comes to mind "out of no where" that leads to repentance or simply encourages you
  • feeling like you just need to stop for a moment and give thanks
  • a call or letter at just the right time
  • scripture coming to mind when you need it

One final note: You don't need to post every day to join the party, but you certainly can.  And obviously, you don't have to join the party to participate.  :)  I simply hope that God interrupts us frequently as we look for Him in our days and that He uses our stories to bring Himself glory & strengthen our faith.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13

Here's the list!

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