April 20, 2012

Day 20: Interrupted by my Alma Mater

I'm writing daily this month on being interrupted by grace.  Learn more and join in here.

Today we spent a large chunk of the afternoon at our alma mater for Spring Carnival, a univeristy-wide, annual weekend of fun held every April.  In preparation for the weekend, student groups build "booths" around a theme (most of which end up being impressively decorated two-story structures) that include some simple game you can play for a small prize.  These are all set up on the midway, which also includes carnival rides.   A variety of performers are on the schedule for the weekend, there's a mobot race, and buggy races.  (I won't go on at length to explain the last two; you can read if you're interested.)

We went over to campus to see some of the mobot races, stroll the midway, and ride some rides.  It was really fun and the weather was perfect!

As I stood with my back to the mobot races (to try to keep some shade on Katherine's face) looking up at one of the large, concrete academic buildings, I saw a young woman watching the competition, from her office window three stories above.  At that moment, I was struck by  the reality that this place is part of my history.  I was glad to be there with my family and no longer a student (phew!)  It was exciting to share the names of buildings and short anecdotes with the kids about the place where Colin and I met, were educated by the academy, and nurtured in our faith through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

That brief moment, looking up at that very unattractive building and seeing that young woman, made me feel warm inside.  Thankful for the steps I trod there and how they contribute to who I am now.  And so, on this 20th of April 2012, I was interrupted.  Now, some photos:

We walked over to campus,
which included this set of Pittsburgh steps.

This orange art has been here since before I can remember;
my alma mater has also been my dad's employer for almost 30 yrs.

If you stay too long at CMU, this is what you turn into.

Rides and Booth!

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