April 15, 2012

Day 15: Interrupted by Sunday

I'm writing daily this month on being interrupted by grace.  Learn more and join in here.

One day in seven to worship and rest.

In Sunday morning worship I'm reminded of who God is, the blessedness of gathering with His people, and my desperate need for Him and for them.  I love and I need Sundays!

On Sunday afternoons and evenings, as I see all around the home that needs to be done, I'm reminded of the God-ordained necessity to rest and that I can trust Him to provide.  I love and need Sundays!

Sundays are certainly a weekly interruption of grace.

Since there haven't been any takers for the journal giveaway, I'm going to assume that not many folks read at the weekend.  (If I didn't have this current series going, I would probably have skipped out on the blog world this weekend ... it was busy!)  So, I'm extending the deadline to Monday at midnight EST and will announce the winner on Tuesday.

1 comment:

  1. We had an awesome Sunday this week too, after Steve and I got done bickering about who was leading and who was following!