April 26, 2012

Day 26: Interrupted by Sin

All around us
In us
Unavoidable effects
And power
Hidden in our minds
Spewed out in word
Dealt out in deed
Little children
Grown adults
Tainted, rotting, dying
Enslaved by sin
No escape
No hope

Save His amazing grace!
Restoring life!
Defeating death!
Making all things new!

Sin is a reality in our home, friends.  We don't even need to leave our humble abode to encounter it, because, well, it a'int so humble up in here!  Five self-centered, self-loving sinners provide plenty of opportunity for us to realize our need for the Savior ... within minutes of being up.  Every.  Day.

I can get so annoyed by my kids' immaturity and inflexibility, telling them to "shape up" and "deal with it," expecting them to do things that Scripture tells me are only possible if the Spirit is at work in us ... without pointing them  to Him.  Today, as I watched Elizabeth be selfish and Brian be selfish, I had to confront (not for the first time!) my own selfishness, which reminds me that I need to turn to the Lord for forgiveness and mercy, and teach my little ones to do the same.  I'm also reminded that sin's not going anywhere soon, we'll always be doing this: looking to the Lord for forgiveness and mercy, for real change, for hope when we're "washing, rinsing, and repeating" repentance and faith.  Every.  Day.

Grace, interrupting.  Grace, available.  Every. Day.

I'm writing daily this month on being interrupted by grace.  Learn more and join in here.

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