February 16, 2016

Farewell, For Now

You may have noticed that posts are few and far between these days here at Life in the Valley.  Lying in bed this morning I realized that now might be the time to let go of this for a while.  My Gram once advised that I should keep writing till I felt like God was telling me I shouldn't anymore.  So wise!  Today, that time has come.  I want to be writing now and then, but cannot seem to fit it into life.  Then, knowing this space is dead becomes a source of stress rather than the joy it has been during seasons when I have been able to write regularly, i.e. when I have been willing to choose writing over something else.

I am so grateful to you readers who have encouraged me along the way.  And I hope someday to be back at this.  But right now, maintaining a blog does not fit in with my priorities.  Surely this being a year of surrender has something to do with why the idea of leaving Life in the Valley alone for now came up in the wee hours this morning.  I am rolling with it, because the thought brings me such peace ... and because I'll find excuses not to obey if I don't take this immediate action!

Feel free to poke around the blog.  I will pray that past posts will be an encouragement to you in the present.  May God bless you as you seek Him; I know you will find him!

I leave you with my favorite verse:


Most sincerely,