May 22, 2014

For When You're on the Brink (a guest post at

During lent I read daily from the Gospels, working my way through Matthew and Mark.  The book of Mark reads quickly, stories tumbling one after another on the page.  There are crowds, crowds, CROWDS coming constantly to Jesus, following Him everywhere, needing Him – His words and His touch.  There are Pharisees and teachers of the law coming constantly to Him, questioning His every move, suspecting Him – His motive and His means.  The way Mark recounts the events it appears Jesus is always on the brink of being suddenly and completely consumed by His adorers and attackers.
Yet He wasn’t; He fulfilled His mission and ministered powerfully during the time God set for Him here.
I want to learn from Him.
I want to learn from Him, because often I feel like I’m on the brink of being consumed: my family needing me on one side, day-to-day responsibilities mocking me from the other.  I am the taut rope in the tug of war, about to break. 
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May 14, 2014

Hope Made Real

Hi!  We're leaving for a pretty major international trip in about twenty minutes so, of course, I need to write a blost.  It has been too long, especially after a month of daily writing, but at least you know what's been keeping me busy during the beginning of May!  We are headed to Rwanda to visit my parents, thanks to their generosity.  We leave tonight and will arrive there about a day after leaving.  That's a lot of travel hours with small people, especially the smallest one.  I'll let you know how it goes.

I am immensely excited about this trip.  I'm glad departure day is finally here, we're all vaccinated, and that we're going to see an hitherto unknown (to us) corner of the world.  I am thrilled!  I am also glad to hang with my folks, but they were just here in the states, so it won't feel like quite the reunion it would if it had been since Christmas that we'd seen them.  The whole family is looking forward to hanging out as a whole family.  Colin just wrapped up his first year as a professor yesterday.  It was a good, but grueling, year.  It will be delightful to all be together for so long AND away from most responsibilities.  Don't worry, we'll still feed and clothe the kids!

I am eagerly anticipating the joy all of those above mentioned things will bring.  But what has me most thrilled is getting to finally see and visit the Urukundo Children's Home about whilch my parents have talked so much and of which we have seen so many photos.  I'm curious to experience a day there, looking forward to meeting the kids, and itching to hold the new little guy they took in last week, just a couple of days old. Ah!  It will be so amazing.

Would you like to know more about them?  I will share more once I get back, but for now, please check out their website to learn more.  It is beautiful how the Lord is using this little haven to breathe life and hope into the lives of so many children.  Be sure to click the link on the right about the founder and director, Mama Arlene!

May 6, 2014

Encouraging our Children with God's Word

When I'm caught up in the duties of life as a mother, I forget that my children are people.  They are not robots to program with obedience.  They are not burdens to bear until they move out.  They are not projects to work on and complete.  They are people, with desires, gifts, dreams, and emotions, like my friends and me.

They are more like me than they are different.

Yet when I see their fears, doubts, or anger bubble up to the surface, I can be dismissive, even rude - especially if it is after bedtime!

How quickly I forget what it is like to be a child.

Almost ten years old can seem so mature, but she comes to us with the fears that taunt her as she tries to fall asleep at night.

I was once that girl.

So I pray.  I pray for God to soften my heart and forgive me for my lack of compassion.  I pray for God to give me wisdom about how to encourage this not-so-little-anymore girl in our care.  I pray for practical ideas.

Here's the fruit of that last prayer, a ring of index cards about trusting God when we are afraid.  Maybe a little or big person in your life could use some encouragement like this.  All you need are some index cards, a hole puncher, a bible with a concordance, a pen, and a fastener.

I would never hesitate to use the Word to encourage a friend; I'm glad God clued me in to the fact that I can do the same for our children.  Be nice, I'm a slow learner, friends!

Have a lovely day!