May 22, 2014

For When You're on the Brink (a guest post at

During lent I read daily from the Gospels, working my way through Matthew and Mark.  The book of Mark reads quickly, stories tumbling one after another on the page.  There are crowds, crowds, CROWDS coming constantly to Jesus, following Him everywhere, needing Him – His words and His touch.  There are Pharisees and teachers of the law coming constantly to Him, questioning His every move, suspecting Him – His motive and His means.  The way Mark recounts the events it appears Jesus is always on the brink of being suddenly and completely consumed by His adorers and attackers.
Yet He wasn’t; He fulfilled His mission and ministered powerfully during the time God set for Him here.
I want to learn from Him.
I want to learn from Him, because often I feel like I’m on the brink of being consumed: my family needing me on one side, day-to-day responsibilities mocking me from the other.  I am the taut rope in the tug of war, about to break. 
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