April 2, 2012

Day 2: Interrupted by Memories

Today I had the privilege, because my in-laws are wonderful, of spending the day alone ... well, I had Katherine, but she's pretty quiet and sleeps a lot.  I had the freedom to tend to a variety of tasks without interruption and could set my schedule however I wished.  (Even sneaked in a lunch date with the husband!  Wa-hoo!!)

Since I was on my own, unhurried, free to think my own thoughts the entire day, I didn't experience any dramatic or sudden moments when I was interrupted by grace.  Rather, the day seemed to be steeped in it.  The theme in my mind became remembering: remembering that two years ago around this time we were starting to pack up our apartment to move from Cambridge to Pittsburgh.  I spent many afternoons alone, while friends cared for Elizabeth (Thanks, Gyda, Maca, Linee, & anyone I'm missing!) and Brian napped, packing boxes and listening to Coldplay.

I listened to Coldplay today as I mopped my kitchen floor ... and remembered.

Strolling with Katherine to meet Colin at the end of this absolutely gorgeous spring day, I listened to a little Krik Franklin, music that motivated me as I ran along the Charles River, training for a race that I ran with a dear friend (Hey, Jenny!) to celebrate my 30th around this time three years ago.

I listened to Kirk Franklin today as I strolled ... and remembered.

My life is full of good memories of dear family, friends, places, and experiences.  I'm keenly aware that I did nothing to earn or deserve such blessings, it is all of grace.

Thank you, Lord.

How did God interrupt you with grace today?
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