January 2, 2010

Elizabeth's Holiday Job

Our neighbors across the hall have a lovely little rabbit named Toulouse. Rather that take him home with them to Montreal over Christmas and New Years, they asked Elizabeth to care for him.


The first several days, we went to their place to take care of him, but then decided to have him come to live with us until they return. Elizabeth takes her job very seriously; she never forgets that we need to take care of Toulouse. And he's such a good rabbit, we can let him bounce around the house without worrying he'll make a mess or chew things up.

The young rabbit-sitter

Brian can't get enough of the poor rabbit, screaming at him (in pure delight), giving him things on top of his cage, and trying to pick him up & poke his eyes out. The things Brian's "given" Toulouse include: condiments, cars, & dvds. Brian will be devastated when he goes; Toulouse will be relieved!

The very young rabbit-torturer


  1. that is so sweet. I love the crazed look in Brian's eyes as he gives the condiments. Reminds me of the look in Dex's eyes as he hands MacGyver all kinds of reading materials and toys through the bars of his crate.

    So are you allowed to have rabbits at Westgate? Not trying to be the campus housing police, just curious!

  2. Yes, Jenny, we are harboring an illegal. Please don't tell! Though here it is on my public blog...