January 7, 2010

Some (well maybe a lot) of My Favorites

These have been some very photo-heavy posts; too many pictures are taken during the holiday season in this wonderfully digital age!

Brian has been wearing may of his new clothes:
Any caption suggestions for this one?!

Elizabeth and I got to attend Disney on Ice
with Jenny and Frankie;
oh the anticipation!

The vacation snowfalls were perfect for playing!

I love this little guy in his snowpants.

And I think this is a classic, because when I was growing up, video games were more of a "boy" thing. I knew girls that played, and played well, but the boys were the gamers. How times have changed!

Credits: The really good photos were taken by Colin with the superior camera. Can you guess which ones? Hint: there are 3.

1 comment:

  1. caption: i AM smiling!!

    picture guesses: elizabeth solo, elizabeth coming down the slide and elizabeth gaming

    i never get tired of all the photos...i love them and look forward to all of them!! thanks for sharing all the great pics!