January 16, 2010

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

About 4 years ago, our dear friends, the Calhoun family, left Massachusetts for bigger and better things in Virgina. We knew them from Westgate and we attended the same church. Since then, they've had two little boys and we had Brian. When they moved, their first boy was a month from arrival, their girls were 2.5 & 4.5 years old, and Elizabeth was 1.5.

Ruby and Elizabeth, December 2005
Ruby, Elizabeth, and Anna Grace

They came back to visit that summer:
July 2006

And then we got to be with them yesterday! The girls have all grown and changed a lot and had a wonderful time being big girls together (now 5.5, 6.5, and 8.5 years old): talking over breakfast, cutting paper snowflakes, running around the playground, playing a card game with zero parental help, and walking around Boston. It was a treat for Mary Kathryn and me to see our girls get on so well and have time to catch up. Our boys have never met, so that's on the agenda for next time. We certainly look forward to future visits; VA is not too far from PA!

January 2010

I just got a call; we'll be meeting up with them again this morning. Great! Perhaps more photos to come....


  1. good friends remain so even after distance and time. so glad you were encouraged by old friends!

  2. oh my, the girls look so big! how fun, I'm glad you got to visit with them!