January 27, 2010

At the Gym!

We went to the Boston Gymnastics Academy's open gym today with the toddler playgroup from church. Elizabeth and I had not been in a couple of years and Brian had never gone. As expected the kids had a great time! Brian was in his element, having a large room to run around in. Elizabeth had a lovely time with the other little girls; their time ended with each of them having guns (plastic cones) to fight off the big bad wolf. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of those adventures on video.

Our Children's Ministries director will be leaving next week for a new job in sunny CA. She has been putting together these toddler trips for the last couple of years, in addition to caring for our kids so well by organizing class teachers, nursery workers, VBS, etc. We will miss you, Lydia! Thank you!

1 comment:

  1. lydia is moving to CA? where? is there someone new for the children's ministry?

    so glad you had a fun day inside. i think hannah and i did that once with the toddler play group, if it's the place next to fresh pond. fun times!