January 5, 2010

Christmas #2: December 25, 2009

Christmas morning, I lit the Christ candle
and kept it lit most of the day,
(when Brian wasn't endangering himself
by trying to get at the flame!)

For Brian, Christmas started just like any other day,
watching the Little People.

It was a while before he noticed his Santa gift.

When Elizabeth got up, she filled him in
on what you're supposed to do with a stocking.

Santa gave her the coolest stocking stuffer ever,
a GIANT peppermint stick!
And Brian perceived right away what the chocolate was for.

After the stocking fun had worn off,
Elizabeth sat by the door and waited
for Grammy and Grampy to come over from the hotel.

The big excitement from Grammy and Grampy
was Elizabeth's amazing new doll house!

For Brian, it was a Little People zoo toy
that he'd played with at my friend Kim's place back in October.

Later in the day,
we enjoyed a fine and filling Christmas dinner.

And we wrapped up the day with some reading.

It was a very merry Christmas day!
Thanks, Malcolm and Gladys, for coming up to be with us!

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