January 22, 2010

Brian, 'r you tired?*

Ironically, since we started putting Brian to bed earlier, and he's sleeping one more hour per night, he's having a more difficult time making it to his 11am nap. Sometimes he grabs his blanket and has a little impromptu rest, even in the middle of play. Clearly, he's been needing more sleep!

*This title would be best said in a Pittsburgh accent. If you don't know the accent, please come visit us when we move there. It is to Pittsburgh was the Boston accent is to Boston: so comfortingly local. Start watching this at about 1:18 to get a little taste; they swear a little at the end, so don't watch with your kids ... like I did. Oops!

1 comment:

  1. how do you resist snuggling with him? he looks so cozy and comfy i would just have to lie down with him!!