January 6, 2010

Christmas #3: December 28, 2009

This Christmas was celebrated with my parents via Skype, thus there are not many pictures. But there are photos of the kids with their new treasures, of course!

Elizabeth received a cookbook that was my mom's as a child, along with an apron her great aunt made for her. E got to preparing something right away. Seriously, she spent like 1/2 an hour getting lunch ready: taking our orders, cutting veggies, making sandwiches.

Her first suitcase!

There were also some inaugural Barbies involved in Christmas #3. Spoiled, you say? Most definitely!

Brian got some new (much needed) clothes.
Here's one of his new sweatsuits!

Little People dump truck from my brother's family.

And the craziness-inducing, new, BIG dump truck
that came with mega blocks and makes noises.

Colin and I also receive gifts from our parents, but none as exciting as what the kids get!

The best thing about holidays, however, is getting a chance to be together:


and having fun!

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