December 23, 2009

Snow & Eye-Fi

During Sunday's snowstorm, we celebrated our immediate family Christmas. (One set of grandparents arrives tomorrow afternoon with gifts from both sets; we don't want the kids to be completely overwhelmed on Christmas morning! And we want Elizabeth to register who gave her each thing. Do you even care?! Should I keep going with this parenthetical???) My gift from my very loving and very techie husband was an Eye-Fi card, an SDHC memory card with built in WiFi! So far it seems like it will be pretty sweet. When I want to write a blog post, the pictures and video will already be available; I won't have to fumble around with the card and wait for things to upload.

Here are some photos (from the old card) of time we spent in the snow. You'll note that Colin is absent for the revelry because the man is writing his thesis!!!!

Brian is getting used to a world with snow:

At first he preferred the cleared paths,

and learned how difficult it is to drive in the snow.

Elizabeth's extra height and years of experience give her an edge on enjoying the snow:

eat it,

make snow angels,

jump in it,

and slide really fast in your snowpants.

But most of all, just have fun!

1 comment:

  1. sounds super techie...i've never even heard of an eye-fi!!

    i love the snow pictures. there were a few pics from a while back that remind me of the movie, the christmas story, where the kid gets all bundled up. brian is so cute in his snowsuit, and elizabeth seem to be loving life!