December 9, 2009


We re-numbered the calendar last week. It's December!

Elizabeth did the second row of numbers and drew the tree on Christmas day.
I think the star is really fun!

In December, most playdates are indoors.

In December, there are lots of parties and lots of eating!

Westgate holiday party

In December, we often see the first of the season's snow.

In December, we create new and repeat old holiday traditions with family and friends.

snowflake cutting

cookie decorating

In December, we observe advent, four weeks of anticipation and waiting for the celebration of Jesus' birth. This is the real reason for the season, as they say; and we're looking forward to it!


  1. your snowflakes look so pretty and festive! can you believe that while you guys have snow, it hit 80 degrees here yesterday?! not sure how i feel about that kind of weather right before christmas:)

  2. Wow, you could go swimming - outside! :)

    Was so glad to hear that Maggie's okay. Did you ever think you'd be glad to get back to picking up legos? And so God keeps our lives in perspective!

    I like your profile picture.

  3. oh man, another 2 Brian photos to add to my favorites collection (which only exists in my head, don't think anything creepy - that would be creepy if I had a physical collection of my favorite photos of Brian, right?). Loved the annoyed look on his face when he's all bundled, and the licking of the pole. Don't do it Brian!

  4. Jenny, I knew you'd like the annoyed look photo!

    Yes, perhaps it would be creepy if you had this secret stash of fave photos of Brian. But the thought makes me laugh!

    He spent 5 or 10 minutes going around licking things with snow on them. There's a video in his 18month post....