December 4, 2009

December 4, 2009

Today I
  • pondered a discussion we had at Bible study on Tuesday and looked up some related passages,
  • took my kids to have their Christmas pictures taken,
  • ran some errands,
  • found my mother-in-law's annual snowman themed Christmas gift,
  • showed E all the different places things get weighed at the grocery store,
  • listened to her finish reading the book Ten Apples up on Top to me,
  • took a run
  • outside
  • in December,
  • washed dishes,
  • spent time on the playground with the kids and many neighbors,
  • thought about how much I was enjoying today,
  • ate dinner out with my family because the power went out,
  • baked crazy awesome brownies,
  • prepared the dinner I would have made tonight,
  • washed more dishes, and
  • soon I will watch the series finale of Monk.
  • With my feet up.
  • And maybe even a glass of wine.


  1. sounds like a nice day. how did you make brownies if the power went out? And E reading you a whole book! That's exciting!

  2. Good observation, Jenny. The power was back on by the time we got back from dinner.

    It took us a week, about 5 pages a day, but she made it through the book! It's still very slow and methodical, but her interest is strong and her patience for sounding out has greatly increased. It is very exciting!