December 3, 2009

Elizabeth at 5.5 Years

Elizabeth's been in rare form lately! She talks non-stop, especially when she's excited about something. And she repeats herself a lot, again, especially when she's excited. A couple of recent funny occurrences.

1. Elizabeth's coloring in a picture of pregnant Mary in an advent coloring book that I put together for her a couple of years ago. She's coloring with brown; I'm washing the dishes and not paying much attention. Elizabeth matter of factly says, "I'm making Mary African."

(Ironcially, she's probably closer to Mary's true skin tone than most of our images here in the states!)

2. Yesterday she was talking about how one of her top teeth was loose and that she could wiggle it with her bottom tooth. I felt the teeth, and they were firm in their positions. At dinnertime, she realized that it was her bottom tooth that's loose. People, you should have seen the excitement on her face. She was elated and almost started crying, she was that overcome with joy! I don't even remember what she said, but it was a very precious moment.

Throughout the rest of the evening she kept saying, in a very adult manner, "I'm really excited about my loose tooth, but...I'm kind of nervous too, because it's my first time to have a loose tooth."

If you see us frequently, brace yourself for lots of talk about the loose tooth.

Our little girl just passed 5-1/2 years old. She's delightful, curious, funny, creative, sensitive, and enthusiastic. We weren't trying to grow our family when I found out I was pregnant, but the Lord knows what we need. What would our lives be like without our Elizabeth?!


  1. so true! what would we be without her?? she is a joyful, happy girl, and i remember how her bouncy hair used to flop as she jumped with excitement even when things seemed so ordinary. we love her, and praise God for the girl she is and is becoming!

  2. Tears in my eyes.. just knowing we won't see you all for a little longer... Keep that talking going, Elizabeth! I love to talk with you. Thanks, Heather for the great descriptions of your lives. I don't know when you have time.. but it makes me feel like we aren't so far apart!
    love and hugs and kisses