December 10, 2009

There Once Was a Boy Named Brian...

When Elizabeth was small, people used to say things like, Wait until you get a real kid. She was very calm, sweet, obedient, and cautious.

Then her long-awaited brother arrived. This is his latest favorite activity, or actually, two of them: admiring candles and climbing onto the kitchen table. Just prior to taking this video he was saying, "Happy, happy" and blowing at the unlit candles.

There once was a boy named Brian.
He behaved exactly as a boy of his age should.
But his mama was not really ready for it!

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  1. we are going through the exact same thing in our house. Dexter seems like an out of control maniac, especially when compared to his older sister. We're so hoping this is just a phase. It's gotten worse for us in the last month or so - you too? How long do you think until we don't have to worry that they might kill themselves if left in a room by themselves for more than 30 seconds?