November 9, 2009

Reward #1

Elizabeth has made it through one week without sucking her thumb! I realized yesterday that her motivation likely came from a friend at church who recently stopped; thanks, Tobey!!

Here's our month-long incentive plan, borrowed from the Kyes family: Each week we set up an end-of-the-week reward and each day she puts up a sticker for making it through the day and one for making it through the night. We've employed band-aids as a reminder on her thumb during the night. She'll also ask to put one on during the day if she's feeling tempted.

Yesterday was celebration number one! There's a park we rarely go to that E really likes; we affectionately call it "the tire park." Colin wasn't feeling well, so he couldn't join us. But fortunately her friends Bjarney and Martina could! The girls rode their bikes to the park, played, and then we got some snacks to wrap up our fun time together. You can see many of the fun features of this park in the pictures.

Martina and Bjarney love spending time with Brian too.
What little boy doesn't need 3 five year old sisters?!

Snack time!

Next week's reward? IHOP!


  1. way to go, elizabeth! i miss "the tire park".

  2. Congratulations, Elizabeth! That's a big milestone and great fun to celebrate it with Brian and friends at the tire park.

  3. Go Elizabeth! Keep up the good work!