November 4, 2009

Sunday Family Fun

Sunday afternoon we took advantage of the sunlight after Brian's nap to get in a short hike north of the city. The day was perfect and it was good to be out together as a family. We even capped the trip with dinner at the Outback, using a gift card Colin had gotten for Father's Day. (Yes, we need to get out more often!) Some photos:

Ready to go!

Doesn't it look like she's climbing high?

We've been learning about trees and took note of the foliage.
There were lots of oaks in this forest.

Little man enjoyed his ride on daddy's back.

We even got to scale some boulders.

At the Outback, we played "keep the toddler busy so he doesn't scream"!

And the Kindergartener kept herself busy.

We came home to this scene, which is what my house looks like on a normal day. And when I say "house," I'm referring to our two bedroom apartment. Not sure how many square feet, but it's sure feeling smaller with each passing day! I share these photos to comfort and humor you moms out there who need to know someone else has a house that's messier than yours. :)

Sometimes (read: all too often) I get so excited about going to bed,
and then I find it in this condition!

And our living room looks like this a LOT!

Have a good afternoon!


  1. god bless you, heather for those last two photos. i'm having one of those days today and this made me chuckle and feel a little less alone in my despair over the state of my house....the other day I was patting myself on the back at the end of the day because my entire house was straightened up. And then I walked into my bedroom and thought, 'ah, it was good while it lasted'.

  2. I just really love you, Heather!

  3. that picture of brian really does look like a little man...and i know the keep the toddler busy so she doesn't scream game all too well!! elizabeth is so cute with her tongue sticking out as she concentrates on her paper. what great crew you have!

    about your house, thanks for keeping it real! there are days that i have to go outside to take a picture because i don't want to document the piles of laundry in our house! you are awesome!!

  4. Chris thought the last picture looked like it would make a great puzzle. Loved seeing you last night!