November 24, 2009

Plimoth Plantation

At Ashe Family School we've been reading lots of picture books about Thanksgiving. We happen to live just an hour north of Plymouth, where it all went down almost 400 years ago (1621). As such, I didn't think we should miss out on the opportunity to visit Plimoth Plantation. It did not disappoint, reinforcing and bringing to life all that we had read about in the preceding week or so.

The Mooflower!

The plantation consists of two replica sites, a Wampanoag Homesite and a 1627 English village. The Wampanoag site is staffed by modern Native Americans (some Wampanoag) who live and produce things throughout the day as the Wampanoag were likely to have done. They speak from a modern perspective and will answer any of your questions. It's somewhat somber, thinking about how misunderstood the natives were and maltreated, even to this day.

Inside a "three fire" home;
a wood frame, bark, woven cloth, and skins keep it toasty.

The cooking area

A corn field with a tower in it kids could play on,
functioning as live scarecrows!

The "three fire" home;
down by the smoke, they're burning out logs for canoes.

The English settlement is staffed by actors who remain in character as 1627 villagers. It's impressive, from the accents to the facts they can share with you. It's fascinating to see the way things were and how they lived. Life has changed dramatically in the last 400 years! And yet, what the pilgrims sought - religious freedom - still rings in our hearts and law books as true and right.

Brian, quite glad to be out of the stroller!
He particularly liked the chickens and roosters.

On our way home we quickly stopped in Plymouth (3 mi north) to snap a picture of the Mayflower II replica. For an extra fee you can board the ship and learn from staff and actors about what life would have been like on board. Such an adventure needed to be saved for another day; Brian was already asleep in the car.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


  1. i still can't believe that i lived in boston for 6 1/2 years and never once went to Plimoth Plantation! was this the second ashe trip?

  2. Elizabeth, your trip to Plymoth was really special and the best part was your phone call telling me all about it. I think you have grown up so much since you started school. It was so much fun hearing you talk all about the things you saw. Just don't grow up too fast, ok?
    Keep the info coming! Your trip will make Thanksgiving even more meaningful! i love you and have a blessed day! love, gramma