November 27, 2009

Thank You!

Throughout my lifetime, there have been many folks who have taught me things that have made my life more enjoyable, peaceful, and/or fun. I was thinking about this yesterday and want to thank some people. This list is in no particular order, other than delighting in rest time yesterday and thinking of the first person on the list! And it is not comprehensive - there are so many people to be thankful for; these are just some that come to mind now.

Mary Kathryn Calhoun - She introduced us to the concept of "rest time" for kids who have stopped napping, so there's still a break from kids in the day. And lent us the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, when E was very small. Thank you!

Kristen P. - I love her blogging voice and have stolen some of her literary style for making text sound like speech. Thank you!

Meda Barnes - This lovely woman faithfully led women's Bible study for the years I've been involved. Her commitment to the Scriptures has had a profound influence on me. And she's my friend too. :) Thank you!

Jerry Zeilstra - Could there be a more steadfast youth pastor!? Jerry was and still is faithfully shepherding the kids in my hometown. Thank you!

Mommy and Papa - There's likely no end to the list here! They connected me to the people of God, taught me songs and Scripture, walked with me through my teens, taught me discipline in many areas of life, taught me to swim, ride a bike, drive a car (ah!!), and so on. Thank you!

Gladys and Malcolm Ashe - What patient, loving in-laws! They welcomed me into the family as a daughter and have been gracious as I've been getting used to it. Thank you!

The Cao Family - They hosted me for the year I lived in Argentina as an exchange student. They took good care of me, patiently taught me Spanish, and loved me as their own. Thank you! Gracias!

Rick Downs - Rick consistently preaches the gospel every Sunday morning. Being at Christ the King church has changed my life. Thank you!

Jenny McFadden - This dear friend has walked through recent difficulty with me and shares her life transparently with me. Thank you!

Tom Grosh & Chloe Papke - Both served on InterVarsity staff during my time at CMU. I learned a lot from them about studying the Scriptures, practicing spiritual disciplines, and loving the Lord in word in deed, in all of life. Thank you!

Programmers & company - Those who brought to life and sustain google, recipe sites, wikipedia, biblegateway, the library site, etc. have my eternal thanks for simplifying my life in so many ways. Thank you!

O'Connell branch librarians - The Ashe family loves you and we're grateful for your diligence in providing fabulous literature and fun story & craft times. Thank you!

The DeMoulas Family - This family started Market Basket, our grocery store that saves us tons every year. Thank you!

My husband - I know there are some moments when I'm easy to love, but also many moments where it's not so great to be hitched to me for life. You're good to me and make me a better person. Thank you!

Westgate Executive Committe -You all know who you are and I am extremely grateful for all of the work you do to make Westgate such a fabulous place to live. Thank you!

And finally,
Al Gore - I use the internet all the time. Thank you!


  1. How thoughtful was this, Heather?
    I would like to thank YOU for being one of my daughters--the first one out of the hatch!
    You have taught me an awful lot too, not to mention giving us those 2 beautiful grandkids!
    much love and thanks, too.

  2. wow! I'm so honored to have made the list. I am thankful for you too, friend. I love that programmers made the list. They are great people :)

  3. I feel 99% certain that I am about to embarrass myself by assuming Kristen P. is in fact, me, but here goes...thanks for including me on the list! I love your blog, too, as you know, and appreciate your honestly written experiences. thanks for your blog-transparency!