November 20, 2009

We Baked Bread!

Prompted by a book I'm reading called The Mission of Motherhood - which, I might add, you should read if you're a mom, fuel for another blog post - and the fact that I planned to make soup for dinner last night, Elizabeth and I baked bread together yesterday. I had never done this, and it was a bit laborious (compared to picking up a loaf at the store), but we had a lot of fun!

Shouldn't one always knead wearing a crown?

I had to borrow a pan from my neighbor (thanks Julie!), because the recipe makes two small loaves. She actually had the correct dimensions to make it look more like a loaf. I need to get a couple of those; Christmas is coming! I couldn't wait until dinner to sample, so I cut a slice and had some. It was good. But I said to Colin that I thought it needed more salt. About 4 hours later, as I talked with a friend about the experience, I realized that the bread indeed needed more salt, ... because I hadn't put any salt in it!

The end result


  1. congrats, Heather! I find making bread so satisfying! I'm glad you took on the task. And I want to look at that book sometime!

  2. i like baking, but making bread has many steps with kneading and rising, so i hardly ever do it. you are once again inspiring, and tell me about the book mission of motherhood...i'd love the ashe notes :)