November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend 2009

Thanksgiving began with lying around, a brief walk (the weather was beautiful!), and breakfast with our neighbors, Edwin, Julie, and Alistair. We had the TV on from 9am-2pm, watching the parade and the dog show. Elizabeth enjoyed both quite a bit. In the afternoon we prepared a couple of sides and went to Hordur, Gyda, and Bjarney's for dinner. The meal included turkey, two types of potatoes, sweet potato souffle casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce, quinoa salad, green bean casserole, and delicious Chilean wines. We migrated to our apartment for dessert later in the evening. The girls ended the day with a rousing game of Elefun, please enjoy the video below!

We have not yet sold the toddler bed.
It's a new place to play and snuggle in the livingroom.

I didn't get a shot of all of us eating;
these little guys really enjoyed the meal, though!

We talked a little with family.

I got the table ready for dessert.
My mom got me this tablecloth in France;

This is the window decoration E and I made.
You can find the pattern here.

Hordur made the turkey;
it was delicious, as expected. :)

The dinner party (starting L around the table):
Hordur, Gyda, Elizabeth, Bjarney, Martina, Macarena, Gonzolo, Colin, and Brian

Friday was also spent in a pretty relaxed fashion. I went out briefly with Gyda in the morning so she could pick something up at Ann Taylor. I got a gift for Elizabeth at Sears - her very own bright pink towel set - don't tell! Later, while Brian napped, we got the Christmas decorations out and went to work!

Brian began the day at the little table the girls had used for dessert the night before.

He's become a bit of a wrestler lately,
mercilessly attacking his sister without warning!
(And he loves wearing his rain boots.)

Setting up the tree!

Because he's cute!

Elizabeth finished the day with some video games.
She likes MarioKart the most!

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