November 1, 2009

All I Want for Christmas....

Dear friends, I have an amazing opportunity for you to make a difference in a child's life this Christmas! Compassion International has put together a packet for you to request that will have a photo and info about a child awaiting sponsorship. Your responsibility throughout the month of December is to pray for the child, pray for a sponsor for him or her, and invite someone to be the sponsor. This is WONDERFUL!

I read a story in their latest publication that has stuck with me. It's about their millionth sponsored child, named Fellow. His mother was killed in a car wreck a few years back, and his father struggles to support him and his siblings. What touched me the most was the image and description of Fellow sleeping on the floor, sharing a single sheet with his brother, and his father (with an ache in his heart) waking them very early each morning, so he knows they're awake before he goes to work, and they can do chores and get to school on time.

Friends, sometimes I feel embarrassed that my 5-year-old still sleeps in a toddler bed.... But really, how light are our physical burdens; how abundantly we have been blessed; how much can we praise God by sharing our overflow?! In America, a graduate student salary is little, but our children sleep on beds, have more than enough food, and are thriving. God's not letting me go on this one and I wanted to put these thoughts in your mind as you consider the upcoming Christmas season, the gift God gave us (HIMSELF INCARNATE!) on that very first Christmas, and how YOU might be used of God to make a difference in a child's life this Christmas and throughout years to come.

Please click here if you want to learn more. I think you need to be a sponsor yourself to sign up. This could be your chance to touch a child somewhere in the world whose only hope for change is God providing for him through your love and support! If you're unable right now, consider friends or family you think might be able, and pass this info along to them.

Thanks friends!
To God be the glory!

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