November 13, 2009

More on the Transition Front

1. We made it; Brian is no longer waking at 4:30am! Hallelujah!! Seriously, people, I thought there was something wrong with me the past few weeks. Turns out, I've just been extremely tired. It's so hard to be into hanging out with friends and enjoying life when you're exhausted! (Obvious, I know, but I was starting to think I was becoming more of a hermit, or worse, more of a jerk.)
2. Elizabeth will begin sleeping in a twin bed tonight! She's 5-1/2 and still in a toddler bed; that's a bed with a crib-sized mattress. I'd been waiting for us to move to get her a bed, but recently she'd had trouble sleeping because she can't lay straight. I was thinking Ikea would be a good option for size and affordability, and was able to get one on Criagslist for a very reasonable price and a 2 minute drive away. Our closest Ikea is a bit of a hike so this was super. A toast to the minivan for being just the right size to bring it home. And thanks to God for providing. (Now we need to sell the toddler bed, anyone interested?)
The new bed!

3. In addition to sleeping later, Brian now naps once a day. That means I need to decide how to do school. Should I still do it in the morning while he's toddling around? Or should we do our activities in the afternoon when he's sleeping? Elizabeth is quite distracted by him, and he's pretty needy, since he's learning to make it longer before napping. I like getting school tasks done early, so we can enjoy the rest of the day. For now, I think we'll try to stick with that and see how it goes.

4. I read this in The WholeHearted Child: Home Education Handbook: "We live in a leisure-oriented society, but home schooling is hard work. There's not much room for taking it easy." Ironically, it empowered me! So now that I'm feeling more rested and don't have a cold, I'm starting to take control of my life (little by little) instead of letting it control me. I often look around and think about all the things I should be doing, but then get overwhelmed and try to avoid it all. The last couple of days, I've been experimenting with getting things done, even when I don't want to. (Something I preach to Elizabeth all the time!) It feels good.

It feels good.

It's nice to sit down at a dinner table that's not covered in crap. It's nice to walk into a bathroom without clothes and misc itmes tossed about. It's nice to wake up to a livingroom floor without toys everywhere. So at this time I'm working on maintaining, instead of letting things get crazy and having to do mega clean up that takes a long time. Life isn't really going to work for me any other way. Must. Fight. The. Laziness!!!!!!

Another thing I've been thinking I'd like to change is my screen time. I'd like to only watch the shows I want to watch and avoid tv any other time. The shows I'm into: Monk, House, the Office and the Soup, and Psych, Chuck and Burn Notice, when they return in the winter. Monk will be ending in a couple of months. We record, so I don't have to watch when they're actually on. I really like that, because even last night, the Office was just too late for me to stay awake.

My other time sink is the computer. My dream is that I could be content with checking my email just a couple times a day. I'm an addict. I waste too much time on the computer. We'll work on this soon. Maybe. (sheepish grin.)

The most recent choice that I've made is to use the half hour when Elizabeth has her rest time during Brian's nap as "me" time. I read a book, write a blog post like this one, take a nap, or whatever! It's nice to have this time to look forward to; it always includes a cup of coffee.

Mmmmm, apples and peanut butter face.


  1. i am not sure if this will make sense, but i think it will. this made me miss you! i identify so much with what you've written and i wish we lived in the same town so we could work through it all side by side. this really encouraged me, thanks for writing it and being so open with your life.

  2. Kristen, it is my hope that by sharing other moms will be encouraged! Thanks for your comment. It's funny that our paths never crossed quite enough for us to be friends when you were here; I think we would have connected on many levels! Glad we can communicate via blogging. :)

    I give you the credit for improving my blog writing style. You have a great way of expressing things in text and I've blatantly stolen some of your methods. I love and am encouraged by your transparency as well. Have a great Saturday!

  3. How can I decide which is my favorite Brian picture when there are always new ones that get added to the mix? I love, love, love that last one. He's so One.

    Good to hear he's sleeping more, and of course you feel more normal! Congrats on getting your house more organized - it's something we've been trying to work on too lately. It's hard! Glad to hear you're taking time for you too - it's important!

  4. i can't believe that you got rid of your toddler bed as i am just setting one up for tatters!! so funny!

    i'm so glad brian is sleeping more at night. is it related to the one nap a day? i can't wait to hear how you figure your schedule out with homeschooling and taking care of a toddler. it seems like quite a challenge!! as i am writing this my two little ones knocked over a light and broke the demand a certain amount of attention one way or another ;) you are one encouraging mom for taking on such challenges!