November 5, 2009

The Basket

If you are from the Boston area, you are likely familiar with Market Basket, a small but popular grocery store chain known for the best prices in the business. Affectionately called "the Basket" by some (and probably many other less affectionate nicknames), it is also renown for its craziness: many customers, running out of carts, sawdust on the floor, boxes of goods and shelf stockers blocking the aisles, running out of essentials like bananas or skim milk, and (in Somerville) one wild produce department. (Seriously, even on low traffic nights, the produce department can be an adventure to navigate!)

All that said, there's no keeping me from the savings! You will find me there on Monday nights with a couple of friends; the minivan is great for such outings.

This week, I picked up an 8 pack of Seeded Hamburg buns - that is not misspelled, that's what it says on the bag - only to get home and find that there were only 7 in the package. Now, my first thought was mispackaging, but then I quickly thought that perhaps someone had opened the bag and helped himself to one. In the age of H1N1, I decided we would not be eating these buns, in the event that the latter was the truth. I was not worried about the cost ($1.19), but I did need buns for sloppy joes later this week. So I decided to venture back to MB to exchange for a new pack, since I would be nearby running another errand.

I get to MB with the kids. The parking lot is relatively chaos free for 4 in the afternoon, but inside at checkout it is N-U-T-S. I'm glad to be headed to customer service and not shopping. It's our turn in line, I tell give the woman my receipt and bag of buns. She says, okay, I can go get another pack. Then turns and asks me, "You didn't eat one?"



Would anyone make a trip to the Basket to get ONE free bun? Anyone?!

Please, tell me this made you laugh, because it sure gave me a good chuckle!


  1. i am totally laughing! why would anyone brave the basket for a free bun, espeically if that means taking two kids with you? maybe this woman shops somewhere else, or maybe she doesn't have kids otherwise she would have know how ridiculously funny her statement was!! i miss the basket days!

  2. That is definitely chuckle-worthy!

  3. I love the presumption that you might eat one and try to take it back. Hilarious! I think everyone has a love-hate relationship with the Basket, but I will say that I really miss the low prices and the awesome produce. There are just none close enough to us now to warrant a trip. Sad!