April 26, 2013

{Day 26} Interrupted by a Phone Call ~ And It's Give Away Time!

This morning's interruption came early.  A friend called to ask me to join her in prayer throughout the day for her son's day at school.  He'd had rough start and was feeling anxious and emotional when she dropped him off.

Is it not a great gift of grace that we can pray for one another?

I was interrupted by grace each time I looked at his name scribbled on the back of my hand (my you-must-not-forget-this! spot for notes) and said a little prayer for him.

It's wonderful that we can pray for one another.  It is amazing that God wants to hear from us.

Interrupted by grace, indeed.  God's good and great grace.

*     *     *

Now, for something fun!
I love to end each month-long series with a give away.
Here's what's up this time around:

The lucky winner will receive a pocket journal, a bar of one of my favorite chocolates, some new pens, a small tube of lotion, and a mini candle called "days end." I thought that candle name was perfect for this series; at "days end" you can pause and take a moment (or more!) to think about how God interrupted you by grace.  In addition, you can savor a piece of chocolate while you savor memories of His mercy that day!

Here's how you can get your name in the running
For one entry: Comment on this post and say "I want in!"
For another entry: Share a story in your comment about how God interrupted you by grace sometime recently.
For another entry: Share my blog with a friend. (honor system, just let me know!)
For another entry: Share my Facebook page on your wall, only if you think it worthy of sharing, of course!
For another entry: Like my Facebook page for the first time!  (Some of you just did that today - welcome!)
You can jump in on this if you've been reading for years or just started today.  Don't be shy!  I will ship anywhere, so if you want it, get in on it!!  :) 

Get your entries in by 5pm EST on April 30, when the kids and I will choose the winner using our highly sophisticated names-on-slips-of-paper-in-a-bowl method.  I'll include the winner's name in the final post of the Interrupted by Grace April series.

Have a lovely evening!


  1. I want in! I'm going to miss this series!

    1. Andrea, my unpaid publicist, you get several entries of your name for your early enthusiastic sharing of the series with so many friends! :)

      I have some things up my sleeve for May, not every day, but I'm hoping it won't be a boring month!

  2. I want in. Boy,that chocolate looks good. A story: A dear friend of mine is in the process of watching her precious 6 year old son be diagnosed with ALD (a degenerative, very bad genetic disorder). She is a relatively new believer and it has amazing to see her faith withstand this huge testing. God is with her in a very real way and hearing her prayers and thanksgiving to her Savior in the midst of all this has been an amazing grace to me.

    1. You're in, Jenny! And what a testimony to God's work. Thanks for sharing a story. :)

  3. Put me in for two entries!! I posted your blog on my Facebook page :) hopefully I'm not too late.

    1. Not to late! Deadline is tomorrow at 5pm. You're in for 2! Thanks for sharing on FB. You're opening up my west coast readership. :)

  4. I want in! :p either way, there's going to be chocolate in my stomach ^_^