April 16, 2013

{Day 16} Interrupted by a Prayer for Our Enemies

I sported my Red Sox tee today, the only Boston gear that I own that was proper for today's warmth.

I wanted to do something to stand in solidarity with those who are grieving, wondering, hurting, and/or angry in the hospitals, homes, streets, and subway cars of a city that is near and dear to my heart.  I caught up a little on the news stories throughout the day, particularly about little Martin Richards and his family.  Lump. In. My. Throat.  Elizabeth is eight.  And that dear husband and father, going from the high of completing the marathon, to grieving the loss of his son, wondering if his wife will make it, and needing to help his little daughter navigate life without one of her legs.  It's almost too much.

So I've prayed for them, for other families and victims, and for wisdom and guidance for law enforcement officials as they track down the culprits.

Yeah, I wore my Red Sox shirt.

Until the end of the day, no one seemed to notice.  At choir pick up, the father of Elizabeth's best choir friend did.  We had a brief exchange about "the incident" - his five (almost 6!) year old son was sitting with us, so we used discretion.  And here's where I found myself interrupted by grace.

He said his prayer in all of this senselessness is that God will work to soften the hearts of people who may be contemplating doing something like this in the future, to prevent them from doing so.  Talk about praying for enemies and those who persecute you!  What a beautiful prayer, expressing such a dependence on God to move, for God to be our rescuer, for God to do His great work of heart changing.

Yep, that interrupted me in the midst of my sorrow and anger at the situation.

Lord, we trust in you to change hearts.  It is a wonder of mercy that you changed mine.  We rest on Thee, our shield and our defender.  Amen.

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