April 13, 2013

{Day 13} Interrupted by Feeling at Home

How has your Saturday been?

Mine was people-full.  Very lovely.  But wow, have I felt drained this evening!  This girl is somewhat introverted, believe it or not, and I have a cold that is not completely interested in departing my being yet.  In fact, I spoke this morning at our annual women's brunch and was slightly concerned that my voice would not make it to the end.  I sound pretty funny today, especially when I try to laugh or sing.  Thankfully, my voice made it through the talk and the rest of the day.  I'm glad I can type this, though, giving my throat a much-needed rest.

Given my currently depleted energy, I'll be brief tonight.  Oh yeah, I'll also be brief because I don't have any  riveting interrupted by grace moments to share.

But since I *have* to write something, I'll say this: as I spent time with people today, I felt really comfortable.  Most of the folks I was with today were church folk, at the brunch this morning and a birthday party this afternoon.  I love all those people!  But it was not always that way.  In June, we'll observe the three year anniversary of our move back to Pittsburgh.  The transition was long and hard.  My identity was shaken when I was uprooted from so many comfortable and familiar relationships and roles.  My insecurities ran rampant and impeded potential relationships; I spent so much time comparing, judging, not being free to be me and let others do the same.  It was hard. It was lame and silly, too.  I know.

So being able to rejoice today at being comfortable is a testimony to God chilling me out and settling me a little more into His mercy.  And as we think about a move this summer to a new town and new people, I'm thankful for the recent memory of how-to-do-a-transition-wrong.  It gives me hope that maybe I will be able to dive into this change with more grace and faith.

I fear I'm losing my ability to be coherent.  So tonight, that's it.  Time to finish up this hot, soothing tea and get to bed.

Have a blessed Sunday!  Let's meet up here again on Monday.

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