April 22, 2013

{Day 22} Interrupted by God's Provision through my Mommy

Hi!  How was your Sunday?  Ours was pretty restful, but I did have a couple of unnecessary I-feel-overwhelmed moments about things like when I would be able to get groceries and how I would ever "catch up."  Nothing a little run couldn't fix; some mid-afternoon exercise was just the trick to chase away my agitation.  Then, we ended the day at Eat 'n Park with Colin's parents: good food, good company.  Sundays are good for the soul.

Today was a wonderful interruption of routine life!  My mom is in Pittsburgh from Rwanda this month and today she spent the whole day with us.  She helped me by watching the kids while I grocery shopped, hanging out at the house with baby-child while I took the older two to the dentist, playing with the kids, talking and working with me, shopping with us for some outdoor plants to springify the place a little, and treating us to dinner at the dive down the street.  And, oh yeah, she brought pastries with her when she came this morning. (I hope I can be a great mom to my grown kids someday, just like her.)

The whole day was full of grace interruptions that made me shake my head at yesterday's anxious, antsy moments.  So silly, because today God provided the means to deal with all of the sources of stress.  What kindness!  How many times does God need to provide before I will finally expect Him to always do so, in one way or another?  Oh ye of little faith.

I am so happy that, in this case, getting to hang with my mom was the way He provided today.  Pretty cool.

How was your Monday?  Did God interrupt you by grace in any specific ways?  I hope you caught Him  red-handed being kind to you today, too!

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