April 18, 2013

{Day 18} Interrupted by Missing the Middle

We had and 85 degree day here today.  Beautiful!  But beautiful days can really wear you out, all that sunshine and running around at the park!  I'm tired tonight.

I was interrupted by grace pretty early this morning, during my shower, in fact, when I realized we're already more than halfway through this month.  I missed the mid-month mile marker!  Only after I committed to writing every day this month did I realize what a crazy-full month it was.  I was a little scared.  Maybe you remember the {Day 2} "What if I fail?" post?

Well, so far, the Lord has given plenty of opportunities for reflection on His grace in my day-to-day.  He has been faithful.  That is cool.  I'm glad He interrupted my shower today to encourage me with a little, Hey, I told you so.

I like when He gives gentle reminders.  They keep me going.  You too?


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