November 7, 2010


My daughter is almost six-and-a-half and really beginning to read.

This is SO MUCH FUN!

As our first child, she's our first reader, which adds to the excitement. Oh the possibilities that open us to us when we learn to read!

What I've learned over the last year and a half:

Learning to read takes a lot of work;
teaching someone to read takes a lot of patience.

This book has helped me to take it all in stride and let Elizabeth learn at her own pace.

The Three R's

These books really got E started confidently reading whole books:

Now we're going to try to read all of the Beginning Readers that the library has to offer!

Teaching someone to read is cheap! There's really no need for bells and whistles. BOB books are inexpensive. Using purchased or homemade flash cards are great for practicing sight words or word families. (I did a group of 5 - 10 most weeks throughout last year.) And the library has lots and lots of books - it's kind of their thing.

Keep reading good wholesome books TO your child, as well. This book is a good resource for quality, age-appropriate literature for the whole family!

Read for the Heart: Whole Books for WholeHearted Families

Time for a cup of coffee and some personal reading time while the kids rest!


  1. It does take a while at the very beginning, but then....well, they just take off. I tell you, *everything* changes for you then! It makes life so easy when they can read themselves, and very soon, you will - like me - end up saying to them, 'Put the book away for a couple of minutes at least. There's more to life than reading, you know. GO TIDY YOUR ROOM!!'
    Yep, I know have four 'readers'....three of whom are, er, obsessive, and so have to be dragged from their books.
    Happy teaching. The season will pass very soon.
    Love, Anne
    PS - oh, love the new photo at the top. Lovely x

  2. thanks, Heather. I'm getting the Beechick book. I am feeling really overwhelmed with the academics for some reason...probably because my sis-in-law with a 5th grade level reader at 5 years old was here yesterday. I'm trying to remember that all she does is read fairy books and knows nothing about character building and the Lord....which of course is where I spend A LOT of our time. Isn't it so hard NOT to compare? ugh!

    But, my boys did give me a comprehensive rundown on what communism is last 6 & 7 years old. You should've seen my husband's face. LOL! All is not lost. ;)

  3. Ha! Kori you are hilarious. Could you have your kids call me and teach ME about communism? :)

    It is so hard not to compare, especially as homeschooling moms - since it's our 'job' to make sure our kids are proficient. E didn't read until 6.5 - I supposed that's late for some, but it was just right for her. keep up the character work....the world needs more of that than it does kids who can brag at 30 about how they new haw to read at 3. ;)