November 11, 2010

The Circus

If we're FBFs (Facebook Friends) then you know that we got tickets to the circus as a surprise for our daughter, who didn't even know the circus was in town! It was on Sunday evening at 5, so we told her on our way home from church that afternoon, to give her a little prep time. (She's at an age where she cares what outfit she has on to go certain places.)

Her reaction was pretty emotionless. She informed us that we couldn't go to the circus because there wasn't a circus to go to. Logical argument, when you're unaware that the circus is in town.

Fortunately, she had recovered from her shock and was excited to go when the time arrived, and Brian ate it up too (though maybe it overwhelmed him a little.) I had pitched the idea of going to some new friends of ours, and they were only a handful of rows behind us for the show. We totally hung out at intermission and walked to our cars together!

It was a fun couple of hours: horses, zebras, elephants, & dogs, many insane-o tricks by crazy acrobatic people, and very funny clowns.

I love the circus!


  1. That last picture looks like a republican caucus! ha! Great pictures! Glad you had fun!

  2. Fun! Agree with Margie - those elephants are hilarious!