November 15, 2010

MomHeart Ministries

At the end of the summer 2009, I became acquainted with WholeHeart ministries through a homeschooling book.  This connected me to the ministry of MomHeart, lead by Sally Clarkson.  I have been so encouraged by her books for moms to think about motherhood as a calling.  It's revolutionized my perspective on what I do day in and day out.  I'm so thankful for her faithfulness in pursuing this ministry to mothers.

So here's my advertisement:  SALLY DOES CONFERENCES!

This year the topic is:  My Mom Heart Matters!

Your mom heart so does matter.  God's given you the high calling of nurturing souls for eternity and He will provide for your every need along the way!

Here's a list of the dates and the locations:

January 21-22: Colorado Springs, CO, MH Conference, COS Marriott 
February 4-5: Irvine, CA, MH Conference, Mariners Church
February 18-19: Irving/DFW, TX, MH Conference, LC Marriott
March 4-5: Raleigh-Durham, NC, MH Conference, Hilton RDU

I live in Pittsburgh, and none of these are close.  But I will be in North Carolina, Lord willing!  My prayer is this, for God to provide three other women who will join me and share a hotel room (making it about $25 per person for the room.)  We could fly down together, or road trip together to cut down on costs even more. 

Basic details for the North Carolina conference, if you want to join me:

  • Registration is only $79 through Dec. 31  (GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT IDEA!)
  • Conference runs from 1pm Friday - 4:30pm Saturday
  • Click the button on the right for more details

Sally speaks to moms of all ages, in all stages of life, from all different backgrounds, and with kids from infant to grown.  Her message is so versatile because she points us to Jesus' model of discipleship with our kids.  When I attended a training she hosted in Colorado this summer, I was delighted to meet single moms, homeschooling moms, working moms, moms with many children, moms with few children, etc.  Her words of grace-filled wisdom will touch your heart in one way or another.  Don't miss attending a conference!

However, if a conference is out of the question for distance, finances, or other reasons, please check out her books; perhaps you can find them at your local library!  And I may just wrap up NaBloPoMo with a little give-away of one or two of her books ...



  1. PS If you advertise the conferences you are entered to win a free conference registration. Check it out here:

  2. checking with the hubby - I'd love to join you for this!

  3. Oh boy, Jenny, that would be such a fun reunion! Maybe we could go a little early or stay a little later and hang out. Oh, btw, there is a woman planning on driving down from MA and meeting up with a friend in NYC. Long drive; I think flying would WAY better, but wanted to let you know.