November 2, 2010

A Post Every Day This Month?

Apparently this is some national blog posting month, or something.

I wonder if I should try to post every day. And given my personality, I feel that I need to have a pattern or rotation. Maybe something like: Bible meditation/reflection, family & friends, homeschooling. Yeah, that's pretty much what defines me. Within that I could have posts about activities, book recommendations, a little about me, etc.

Okay, I think I'll do it. Unless you really don't want me to ...

Does this count for today? No, this is lame. I'll post more later - it's time for breakfast!


  1. Right - you've committed yourself now! We'll hold you accountable! Us bloggers are like that, you know!
    Love, Anne x

  2. you should do it, Heather! I did this back in May. Should I try again? Hadn't thought about it...