November 21, 2010

Phipps, & Light Up Night

I felt I needed to do those parenting posts in succession, so it is very much time for a "fun" post about what we've been up to!

Here's Brian's new trick:

(This is supposed to be a video, but it wouldn't up-load.
Brian can do a somersault!) 

We've been to Phipps Conservatory - where I want to live all winter!
They're getting ready for the Christmas flower show.

The Christmas train display is out and Brian was delighted!

waiting for a train to come through the tunnel

the little trains in side displays

Pittsburgh celebrated its 50th anniversary "Light Up Night" this weekend.  It's a time each year that they light up all of the Christmas lights downtown and the city gets lookin' all festive n'at.

The Creche outside the US Steel building

A new event: horse-drawn carriage parade! 

And after this picture, the camera battery died.
This is the abrupt end of this post.

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  1. wow, pittsburgh looks like loads of fun at Christmas time! I love the picture of the kids in the front of the tree. E looks all cute, Brian all annoyed.