April 14, 2015

Interrupted by Grace 2015: Time to Work

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Since yesterday's post was long, today's will be brief!  We had incredible weather here yesterday, almost like summer.  The kids played outside for most of playgroup and then my friend, Julie, invited my bigger two for lunch and more playing at their house.  Actually, her kids invited mine and then asked their mom if it was okay.  Remember doing that kind of stuff when you were a kid?  I do!  Julie's a generous friend and mom so, after mentally reviewing her cupboards and fridge to make sure she'd have food for them, she agreed to their already-arranged plan, 

I was interrupted by unexpected quiet time.  Katherine watched a show while I cleaned up the morning and got our lunches ready.  We had a really peaceful lunch together, chatting and writing a grocery list.  She went up to her room for rest time and I was able to get our lessons ready for the week.  It was almost unbelievable!  I was so grateful to Julie and to God for the provision of unexpected quiet and space to tackle the two things I really needed to do that afternoon.  The gift was made even more precious to me when exhaustion hit me at about dinner time.  I would not have had the energy to use the evening time to prepare those lessons.  Praise God!

How has God been kind to you in the last week?  Have you been interrupted by grace, maybe surprised by joy or unexpectedly provided for?  Feel free to share a story any time in the comments!

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Ashe

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