April 10, 2015

Interrupted by Grace 2015: Thunderstorm

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Last night while Elizabeth was a Girl Scouts, I had the privilege of folding laundry in a quiet living room.  Well, almost quiet.  I could hear Brian's delighted chatter to his dad from the garage where they were putting new tires on his bike.  But other than that distant joyful noise, it was quite the peaceful environment.

When we had dropped Elizabeth off about a half hour before, the sky was darkening with dusk and the approach of a storm.  While I was folding, the storm arrived.  I think thunderstorms are my favorite weather event, especially when one comes at a time when life is peaceful and I can soak up the sights and sounds it brings.  I often make my kids stop and watch storms with me, through the front windows or sitting on the porch. Last evening, the rain was heavy, but the winds not too wild.  The thunder came in rhythm on the heals of each lightning strike.

As I worked my way through the basket of whites, I did not take the sweetness of the quiet room and surrounding storm for granted.  I got to thinking about storms, their danger and beauty.  So full of power and might, they can darken the house in split second, make trees bow in their winds, or even take a life, (though this one was pretty tame).  They also change the look of the landscape, making everything take on a greenish hue that is oddly beautiful.  I think thunderstorms mostly leave me in awe, which is why I love them so.

Of course this got me meditating on God's beauty and power. That storm interrupted me by grace, because like a storm God can come at any moment and leave us in awe and wonder at His power, might, beauty, and/or grace.  The grace interruption reminded me to pray to our wonderful God on behalf of a couple of friends enduring trials.  Being reminded of His ability and awesomeness strengthened my faith in that moment.  He can work in these situations!

The Creator calms storms, storms on the sea and storms in our lives.

Oh, to remember this for myself, next time a life-storm surrounds me!

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