April 22, 2015

Interrupted by Grace 2015: Gifts and Talents

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Hi there!  I'm popping in a little later than usual today which, of course, has this type-A gal stressed out.  This morning I had to prioritize my time differently and have not been able to blog till now, at 2pm.  One of my funny reactions on many of our homeschooling days, especially if there's work that I have to do with our oldest during the usual 1-2pm rest time, is that suddenly at about this time I feel crazy behind, under some self-imposed pressure, and like I've accomplished nothing.  It's wacko, but I like to let you know what I'm really like so you know who you're dealing with here at Life in the Valley.  I have a feeling tomorrow's post will be about that.  As for today, I've got a short word about the kids' Sunday School and gifts and talents.

On Sunday the kids came home with their usual papers from Sunday School, but they weren't just stuffed into a bag.  My husband had nicely stacked our many "church papers" together and I made the effort to pull out the kids' papers, because I wanted to ask them what they talked about.  I love that at our church all of them are learning the same thing at age-appropriate levels.  Sunday's topic was about how God gives His people gifts and talents.  Of course, it is always amusing to ask the kids what they learned: Elizabeth usually says something comprehensible and mature; Brian has to be asked to specifically try to remember what the passage was about, then he can get talking; and Katherine most often tells us what songs they sang and anything that happened with or to the other kids during class.  They are all so their own age!

Yesterday morning, I was having breakfast with Brian and Katherine.  I always finish first because I'm a pig far more focused on my food.  I grabbed Brian's paper and asked Him what he thinks his current gifts and talents are.  His first two responses were his ability to roll his belly and his video game skills!  Then he said he was pretty good at reading.  We continued with the list with several of my ideas:

I was interrupted by grace thinking about how God gifts each of us to serve in His Church and in the world.  How fun to have children already thinking about giving God thanks for our gifts and inviting them to dream about how God might use them and their gifts for His glory.  I am curious to see what my children will excel in as adults and then to look back to these days for the seeds that started in them as children.  I'm also so thankful for the work God has done in my life to encourage me, using His Word, my own Sunday School classes, sermons, and various trainings, to embrace and use my own gifts.  I am always floored when I think about how God invites us and wants us to be involved in His kingdom work.  Incredible!

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