April 7, 2015

Interrupted by Grace 2015: Full House

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August 2013

When we moved into our house, one of my hopes and dreams was that we would be able to use all the space God had given us to serve others.  I'm so thankful for this house and the story of how God brought us here.  But it is big and, to be honest, sometimes it overwhelms me.  We started with Elizabeth in a hard-to-exaggerate-how-tiny apartment.  When we had Elizabeth and Brian, we enjoyed the luxury of a two-bedroom apartment.  When Katherine was born, we lived in a rented house in Pittsburgh that was laid out so strangely that I couldn't take it all in the same way I do this place, and it was smaller.  I guess you could say that we've been moving up in the world, but there are days I long for that two-bedroom apartment again.  Most of the time, however, I am properly thankful for this place we call home and the freedom it gives us to have people over for a morning, a day, or an overnight or two.

Have I mentioned that the kids and I recently started hosting a Monday morning playgroup?  God laid it on my heart before the winter to host a playgroup - copying my friend Chrissie from Pittsburgh! - because there is not much to do here in these parts and being a mom with young kids can feel isolating when the weather turns cold.  With school responsibilities, however, I wasn't sure how to make it happen.  In February I realized we could do 4-day school weeks and still get in our proper number of days before the end of the school year.  Voila!  God provides a space in the schedule to host playgroup!

Yesterday was the forth week we've hosted.  The weather was beautiful, the yard teamed with running, smiling "big kids," and the living room was crowded with moms, babes, toys, and conversation.  I was interrupted by the grace of a full house, God making dreams come true.

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As I share my stories through the month, I truly want to hear yours too.  Keep your eyes and heart OPEN!  Be on the look out!  God is at work in your life and He loves you so.  Feel free to leave a comment any time to testify to His goodness.


  1. congrats on your new home. I hope God keeps letting you flourish with your play group. I have the most respect for you to do this. In the summer I become the neighborhood house to hang. This year I want to have God show me how I can have a little more snacks and drinks for the kids. My husband has been laid off for a year. money has been tight and we didn't do much entertaining. he is a ta temp job right now which he loves. I pray he can keep it. We have almost caught up on the bills in a months time. PTL!!!!!!! The LORD is GOOD. If you could pray for me as we get ready to have school come to a close and the already noisy house become a slight louder and more people. Sometimes my nerves can't handle. When you have 8 children and you have at least 4 bring over friends, it can be a little crazy in my little home.

    1. Amy! You will not believe it, but right before my phone dinged that I had an email informing me there was a blog comment, I was wondering how YOU were doing. Crazy, that Holy Spirit! I am so excited and praising God with you that your husband has had work and the bills are being covered. Such good news! I will pray for your full-house summer. I get the crazy-nerves with too much noise too; I bet sometimes just your own children is enough noise, right? :) I have the utmost respect (and a little awe and wonder) that you have eight kids, btw. Press on loving them and teaching them to love others! Great to hear from you. Love, Heather