April 21, 2015

Interrupted by Grace 2015: Surprise Visit

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Coming off of such a fun weekend with the husband, I would not have believed Monday morning could match it.  The kids and I were hustling and bustling to get the house put together, and I was beginning to wonder who would show up for playgroup.  (I always start doing that as ten o'clock approaches.)  Quite close to ten, Katherine requested that I go to the dining room and pretend to be a shopkeeper so she could come buy something.  There was a pile of mini board books on the floor and I started arranging them on the table for her to maybe choose to "buy."

While this was happening a van pulled into the driveway that I assumed, based on the color, was my friend Nancy and her kids.  So I hollered to my kids, "Hey, someone's here.  Katherine, you can get the door."  The scurrying began.  While picking up a soccer ball to put on display, I glanced out the window to confirm who it was and beheld not a brunette driver pulling out her keys and turning to open the door, but rather a blonde, pixie-cut lady.


It was my turn to run to the door, across the sidewalk and rocks, to hug my friend who'd driven an hour and a half to surprise us by joining us for playgroup with three of her five amazing boys.  I almost cried, but I kept it together.  Composed and calm as I usually am, you know.

Not long thereafter, Nancy came with her trio of offspring and the three of us ladies had a great time talking while we took turns holding the babies they each brought along and the rest of the children played together.

It is always delightful to sit with friends, old or new, and get to know each other better or catch up.  I was interrupted by grace through such a wonderful surprise.  It is always balm for the soul to have any amount of face-time with a "bosom friend," as Anne of Green Gables would say.  I would argue it is even more of a gift to sit in a room with a newer friend and an older friend and awe at how God provides company and companionship for us wherever we go.  Interrupted by grace, indeed.

Do you have stories, even from this interrupted by grace month, of how God has used friendship to show you how much He loves you, to bring a smile to your face, and/or cause you to reflect on His provision for you?  I hope you do!  Perhaps if today's post brings someone to mind, drop them a note, give them a call, or pop in for a visit this week and bless them with a grace interruption as my dear friend, Emily, did for me today.  I sure love the stories God weaves through our lives and how often He weaves exactly the right people into them with such precise timing!

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