July 16, 2009

Latest Outings

Last week we were at the Museum of Science and yesterday we spent some time at the Children's Museum. Two weeks ago our zoo trip got rained out in a BIG way! Both the Science and Children's Museums have so much to offer; we're never disappointed.

Elizabeth the bee.

Elizabeth the robin red-breast.

Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian, & Brian.

Looking out from the look out.

Brian could have spent a whole day here.

Experimenting with vinegar and baking soda!
(I think the woman teaching went to my high school,
but she was too surrounded by kids to talk.)

Brian loved these doors!

We ran into Neil (right) and the kids inspected the bones.

All of the pictures above were taken in the Discovery Center, an area in the museum tailored for young kids. Elizabeth and Brian really love it!

Yesterday we were at the Children's Museum. They had a new Peep exhibit that just opened this week. This was quite a treat, as we love the show and had spied pictures of Peep, Chirp, and Quack when we were at the museum last time, but didn't realize they were creating a new exhibit. We started there.

There are sand and water tables for exploring.

Peep's can.

Peep himself!!!

Water painting.

Chirp's tree.

The picture below is from an exhibit about space travel and what life is like inside the shuttle. Elizabeth's trying to line a target on her bottom up with one on toilet, using a monitor. I'm glad I'll never have to try going to the bathroom in space!

And, of course there was some climbing!
Elizabeth just got brave enough for this,
and she loves it!


  1. did she paint brian's name on the wall?? and she's about not even in k yet? WOW...you have your work cut out for you!

    glad the outings are still happening, despite the rain!

  2. Oh no, I wrote Brian's name on the wall for him....and he quickly lost interest. :)

  3. I'm so proud that both she and YOU were brave enough to let her climb that thing - I'm terrified that my kid's going to get halfway up and lose it, screaming hysterically with no way for me to get to them quickly. Thankfully, E's probably past that stage.

  4. There's an emergency exit (always staffed) in the middle/toward the top) I'm sure that sometimes kids do freak out. I also learned that anyone of any age or size can climb it because it's a self-regulating structure. You could do it with Frankie!