July 23, 2009


Elizabeth, Farah, Leila, Leilani, & Alana

These girls have been good friends to Elizabeth over the last couple of years living on campus. Both pairs of sisters will move out in a few weeks ... but fortunately will still be in the area! We're so glad we know you and your families. We'll miss you!


  1. Was this taken at Westgate? I am curious if they redid a room or something. I really enjoy your blog and seeing the old familar places. jenny V.

  2. This is on the loading dock, ABC side. The kids have colored all over the walls with chalk and they used foam play mats to make that little fort.

    I'm going to miss being here too. Glad you're enjoying the blog! I'm checking yours too....how was David's bday?

  3. elizabeth will cherish these times with her girlfriends, and with her outgoing personality she will always have a ton of girlfriends to hang out with!