July 2, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

You may remember that Colin's Father's day looked like this:

...and involved a trip to the ER for Brian's high fever. It was a special day, but not in the way we wanted to celebrate our dad!

So this past Sunday we had a little dinner outing to Longhorn Steakhouse. (Thanks for the gift card, mom!) And then we stopped next door at Cold Stone for ice cream. I didn't get too many photos, be we had a lovely time. Dinner was delicious; the restaurant was practically empty; the weather was "nice" enough to eat ice cream outside; and daddy got a real celebration! In our family, "real" celebrations frequently involve steak. :)

Crazy lady with her cotton candy ice cream.

daddy and mini-daddy

Dad and the kids


1 comment:

  1. that is a crazy lady shot...i'll have to remember to limit the cotton candy ice cream for my girls!

    happy father's day colin. i'm glad you were able to be celebrated the right way!