July 22, 2009

Sabbath R&R

This summer I've been teaching the K-1 SS class at church. The theme this semester is the 10 Commandments. On Sunday we were on number four: remember the sabbath and keep it holy. We talked about it being a day of rest from regular work and an opportunity to do acts of mercy. Since it was a Sunday, I thought we should observe the sabbath by going out as a family to enjoy the lovely afternoon. We invited our neighbors, Kevin & Kate and their kids, Charlie and Luka, to join us for some ice cream at Rancatore's in Belmont and a visit a new park. Colin and Kevin quite enjoy tech-talk toegther, Kate and I are friends, and our children often play together on the playground. Despite our mutual enjoyment of each others company, we'd never all gone out together. We had a great time!

Elizabeth and Charlie had their ice cream at the window counter.

The park was really fun!
Elizabeth quickly found a girlfriend to play with.

Luka and Brian spent more time in the water than the older two.

And Brian modeled his belly for all to see.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of all of us being there together. Next time we go out, Kate, let's make sure we get one of us all.

I'm so glad it's the summer!


  1. brian does have such a cute toddler tummy!! enjoy the R&R!!

  2. i miss all those amazing water parks! ironic that there are few down here where it's hot a lot of the year...hmmm...

    wish i could give the cute little chunker a squeeze!

  3. Heather-
    I cannot believe these naked pics. Look at that belly!!! Hilarious.