July 9, 2009

As Seen On TV and Heard Somewhere

Two snippets from today:

  1. Elizabeth and I did an experiment last week, from her High Five magazine, to see how kidney beans grow roots. Then we planted them to watch them grow. These things grow like CRAZY - inches in a day - and we're watching and watering them routinely. This afternoon as we sat on the porch playing cards on the table where the planter sits, I commented on the pooling water in the dish under the pot and said something about over watering. Elizabeth replied, "Mom, you know on tv they recommend this thing called the AquaGlobe. You put it in the plant and then the water never does that and it always gets enough water."
  2. Later in the afternoon we were getting ready to go outside and for the millionth time I asked Elizabeth to put her shoes on. As she sat down to put them on, she snapped, "You're not the boss of me," in the snottiest of tones. I stopped myself from telling her we were not going outside, because this was a first and I needed the sunshine as much as the kids. She couldn't tell me where she learned it, but I think it was made quite clear that if I , daddy, or another adult ever heard it again she would lose privileges faster than she could repeat the phrase. :)


  1. wow - five years old and already giving advice and attitude. it's hard to believe that sweet, cheery elizabeth could or would say that to you! i hope the fresh air helped you all!

  2. wow. I'm glad you set her straight that you are indeed the boss of her. I will lose my temper the moment that comes out of one of my kid's mouths. Thanks for helping me prepare for that moment - it will come!